About us

Where we came from

Newsbeat Developments started off as a one-man graphic design company in 1991, has since grown to be a formidable SMME known for its contemporary and innovative approach to design within the corporate world.

Initially concentrating on technical design Newsbeat Developments now boasts a much broader portfolio while still maintaining the standards necessary for its technical clients.

We do not believe that a "jack of all trades" serves the interest of our customers. As a result we have formed strategic alliances with a number of specialists. Together, as a team, we will provide, you the valued client, highly specialised services to best serve your needs:

Gillets Consultants was established in 1982 as consulting mechanical engineers and technical writers servicing the industry at large.

The advent of the computer revolution saw Gillets Consultants at the forefront of LAN and IT technology bringing technical expertise to the business world of graphic design.

During the years that followed, the company gained extensive insight and experience in the rapidly growing business development world of IT, the Internet and e-commerce.

Marketing and Communications is handled by one of Newsbeat's strategic alliances, Armadillo Communications. Armadillo Communications was established in in April 2004 by Arina Olivier to assist individuals and companies in the public and private sectors with their corporate marketing and communication strategies.

Arina, well known and respected within the communications field having served many years as marketing manager for various companies of which the latest, the Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Pretoria.

As a major strategic partner, Armadillo's services include: electronic communication services, especially the content development of web pages, publicity and promotions, advertising, exhibitions and event management. Arina focuses on the importance of the web as a communication medium and therefore works in close liaison with Newsbeat for maximum impact of your business on the Internet.

Web hosting and specialised IT solutions are provided by our two other strategic alliances, Alesco Internet Solutions and Techfusion Technologies