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Identifying your target market should be the starting point for your Internet SEO marketing strategy, followed closely by an intelligent assessment of market demand and the degree of competition you are facing. 

Google statistics

Google’s Adwords keyword tool is free and the results include valuable pay-per-click Internet statistics that will inform your SEM marketing strategy.  Inspecting PPC statistics is an essential SEM marketing strategyto measure the competition for a specific keyword. 

When planning an SEM marketing strategy around Google Adwords and PPC marketing, this detailed information helps drive Internet traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

The major Internet search engines are constantly improving their tracker algorithms to favor quality content pages focused on SEO keywords.  Google trackers read text and ignore graphics, so forget that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and focus on text in your Internet marketing strategy.  In addition, to get your website indexed regularly, keep adding new SEO keyword-rich text articles.

Internet keyword research is the only way to discover the most profitable product-related keywords for your business, allowing you to produce relevant SEO content pages and a successful marketing strategy. 

Customer service

Yahoo, Google and Bing etc. earn their money by linking people quickly with relevant information and Internet buying opportunities.  Therefore, your marketing strategy must concentrate on providing an excellent information service to the prospective customers referred to you by the Internet search engines. 

When the search engine’s clients are happy with the relevance of your site, Google will reward your successful SEO marketing strategy with a speedy upgrade in your ranking and plenty of targeted traffic.

Sales conversion

Furthermore, if you use Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing strategy or any other pay-per-click advertising, your success will depend completely on well-written copy based around your SEO keywords.

You need an excellent keyword research tool, because your marketing strategy aim is to discover the SEM hidden gems – high demand, low supply keywords that are easy to win in the bidding and achieve good internet sale conversion rates.


Google AdWords are labour-saving advertising system that should be an important part of your SEM marketing strategy.  Firstly, you need to create an account in Google AdWords and then write your Internet advert based on your carefully researched SEM keywords.  The next step is the bidding process that Google holds for each keyword. 

Bid the maximum amount of money you are prepared to pay to Google for each ‘click’ on your advert and if your bid is accepted, give them your credit card details.  When Google has approved your credit card, your advert will immediately begin to appear on their Internet search pages that include your keywords.

Intelligent targeting

Systems like AdWords are called pay-per-click advertising.  As long as you have identified and used the best SEO keywords in your marketing strategy, it is an extremely simple and convenient way to get direct contact with your target market.  

This guarantees that your advertising is being intelligently targeted to your potential customers all over the world.  Then each time someone clicks on your advert, Google bills you until your invoice reaches a certain amount and then it charges your credit card.  There are many keyword research tools available on the Internet; some are free and some are for sale, making it easy to use the Internet to check what other people are saying about the different keyword research tools.  This will help you decide which one will provide the best basis for your successful online marketing strategy.