Our Data Centres

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Xneelo’s Data Centres

Xneelo owns and operates four Data Centres in South Africa. The first Data Centre (CPT1) was opened in Cape Town's Great Westerford Building, Newlands during 2001. In order to cope with national demand in hosting services, Xneelo strategically opened the Johannesburg DC (JHB1) in July 2004 at Gallo Manor, Sandton. By 2006 both Data Centres were running at full capacity. As a result, Cape Town's second Data Centre (CPT2) was opened in July 2006. With customer demand increasing further, together with Xneelo’s continuous commitment to invest in our customers’ growth, a third Data Centre was opened in Cape Town (CPT3) in September 2011.

Xneelo provides a resilient and redundant network infrastructure which allows for maximum uptime. Our substantial bandwidth capacity allows us to accommodate spikes in traffic, reducing the chance of customers experiencing network degradation.

Our routers are connected via fibre optic cables to our upstream provider, MTN, from where we have uncapped access to their local and international network. Our Data Centres are connected to MTN via a 1GBit uplink. A second, redundant fibre optic cable follows a different path.

Xneelo's associate company, Xneelo Online AG in Germany, hosts servers and websites for those customers who wish to target European and US based markets or wish to make use of more cost effective hosting options as bandwidth quotas are more generous in markets outside SA.


Alesco Systems

Our international Data Centreis managed by Alesco Systems in Pretoria, South Africa and the servers are housed in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Some of the outstanding features are:

  • Over 99% server availability! Our server up time has well exceeded 99,9%- including planned maintenance. Furthermore, network performance is pursued aggressively to ensure optimal performance - in advance.
  • Consistent pricing! Unlike most service providers our account rates have never gone up! In fact allowances for disk and traffic have been increased. Features have also been added to account types regularly over the years. In spite of our excellent price we offer our clients one of the best-connected global web hosting networks and powerful servers, which take advantage of this network.
  • Our Locations offer outstanding connections to their respective target markets.
  • Web development is our core business. We do not provide dial-up access of any kind. This means that our network does not have to carry dial-up traffic.